Google Task Queue

The Task Queue API lets applications perform work, called tasks, asynchronously outside of a user request. If an app needs to execute work in the background, it adds tasks to task queues. The tasks are executed later, by scalable App Engine worker services in your application.


API Paths

Get Task Queues (GET) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue} OpenAPI
Get Tasks (GET) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks OpenAPI
Lease Task (POST) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks/lease OpenAPI
Insert Task (POST) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks OpenAPI
Delete Task (DELETE) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks/{task} OpenAPI
Get Task (GET) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks/{task} OpenAPI
Update Task (PATCH) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks/{task} OpenAPI
Update Task (POST) /{project}/taskqueues/{taskqueue}/tasks/{task} OpenAPI